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HowTo upgrade Ubuntu with CDs to save bandwidth


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Web Development Cheat Sheet

Quoted to:  This is About Web Development and if you want to be it. Hope this is helpfully to you.

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Securing phpmyadmin In Ubuntu Server 12.04/12.04.2

Quoted This post is important because phpmyadmin no longer just works after apt-get install, it requires additional steps to get working. Aside from these changes, due to recent reports on phpmyadmin being exploited it’s important to secure it, you

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Protect Your Online Privacy with Tor Browser

Quoted to: Tor (The Onion Router) browser makes things more difficult to trace our Internet activities. Using Tor, we can keep our identity more secure around the Internet. In simple words, you can surf the Internet anonymously and it’s

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Quated Why are you looking at this wiki page? Are you looking at this page because you cannot access the mysql server installed on your pc/server when you were trying to see if it works well? Or do you

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Install Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Linux with WINE

Quated By Jack Wallen Takeaway: Jack Wallen shows you the steps to install Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Linux with WINE when the GIMP toolbox just isn’t enough. The Linux community has been calling out to Adobe for years to

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Install Openbravo in Ubuntu

Quoteed Installation/Ubuntu Openbravo has a native Ubuntu package available from Openbravo repository, which allows Ubuntu users to easily and quickly add the software to their Ubuntu server. This part of the document explains the installation of Openbravo ERP in

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Installing GNS3 on Ubuntu 10.04+

First, you have to install the dynagen and python-qt4 packages.  sudo apt-get install dynagen python-qt4 After that, you have to download GNS3 source for Linux. You can either download it from their website or you can use the terminal to

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How to Re-Enable Hibernate in Ubuntu 12.04

Credit to:   If you’ve just updated to Ubuntu 12.04, you may notice an option missing in its system menu. The Hibernate option is now hidden by default, but you can get it back if you prefer to hibernate

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#apt-cache policy ettercap-gtk ettercap-gtk: Installed : (none) Candidate : 1:0.7.3-1.2ubuntu2 Version table : *** 1:0.7.3-1.2ubuntu2 0 500 feisty/universe Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

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