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Install and configure a DNS server in Windows Server 2008

Quoted By Steven Warren Takeaway: Without DNS, computers would have a very tough time communicating with each other. However, most Windows administrators still rely on WINS for name resolution on local area networks and some have little or no

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ISA Server 2004 Access Policy

Quoted to: The ISA Server 2004 firewall controls what communications move between networks connected to one another through the firewall. By default, the ISA Server 2004 firewall computer blocks all traffic. The methods used to allow traffic to move through

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ISA Server 2004 on Windows Server 2003

Quated In this ISA Server 2004 Configuration Guide document we will install the ISA Server 2004 software onto the Windows Server 2003 computer we installed and configured in Chapter 1. Installing ISA Server 2004 is straightforward as there are

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Microsoft DHCP and WINS Server Services

Quoted to: The Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) enables machines to resolve NetBIOS names of hosts on remote networks. Machines configured as WINS clients register their names with the WINS server. WINS clients are also able to send name queries

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DNS Caching-only DNS Server on the Perimeter Network Segment

Quoted to: DNS servers allow client systems to resolve names to IP addresses. Internet applications need to know the IP address of a destination host before they can connect. A caching-only DNS server is a special type of DNS in

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How To Manually Set DNS Server(s) On A windows 7

Quoted by: Sometimes you may want to use a different DNS server then the one that is handed out from your networks DHCP server. You can manually set this and the search domain in Microsoft Windows 7 by adjusting

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